About Us


Who Are We?

We are a Group Training and Personal Training Gym, specialising in client-focused coaching, accountability and support. We are a community of driven individuals, constantly pushing each other towards a healthier and more optimal self. Can’t make a class? We are open for Open Gym between 7:15 AM and 5 PM.

Don’t Join a Gym, Join a Family

One of our core values at Facilities is our huge community focus. We find that cultivating a hub of like-minded individuals creates a more conducive environment to results! You are more than a number on a page to us, you become family as we all go on the fitness journey together. Train somewhere that you belong! Motivation is contagious after all.

The Gym

Facilities Fitness – We are an indoor gym in the heart of Newstead, providing to all of your fitness needs including a 4 lane, 10m long sled track, Again Faster squat racks, TRX suspension training, water bags and boxing equipment. Need to shower before work? We have 2 x showers and 2 x toilets to make training on your lunch break a whole lot easier!

How can Facilities Fitness Help You?

At Facilities, we do things differently. Our coaches deliver specific programs in 6-week blocks to maximise results across functionality, fitness, strength, mobility and performance. We take the best of the fitness world, combining Metabolic Conditioning, High-Intensity Interval Training, Olympic Lifting and Boxing over a strategically designed training week. Our classes have a really fun, upbeat, group atmosphere where everyone receives personal attention. With over 8 classes to choose from and each day, we concentrate on a different body group to ensure even training focus.


Hybrid Strength




Our Facilities Family

Our values as a gym revolve around our members and our ability to make a difference in their lives. We are here to help, guide, coach and support each and every member we have through the following core beliefs and values:

Accountability: We notice when you aren’t here!

Family/Community: Always feel like you belong.

Coaching/Support: Constant feedback and hands-on, detailed coaching.

Sportsmanship/Teamwork: Encouragement and family, we are a team!

Service/Leadership: Give back and lead by example.



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